mesix (mesix) wrote,

Lovely green!

So, FatherMaster handed me a link. To this.

Is that the vibrator I want, in the colour I want, for forty dollars cheaper? I do believe it is! AND FatherMaster offered to pay half, for a Giftmas present. Ee!

I have already ordered it. And talking to Dragon on the phone, he says sweetly "you should get it so I can use it on you". Oh my...

Of course, Dragon has all sorts of plans to use on me, and me on him. He plans on investing in candle wax and ice cubes before the next visit. I have a package of clothespins sitting on my desk. Vibrators, yarn, belts, ben-wa balls...ohhhhyes. All manner of excellence, there is.

Of course, he's far enough away that I can't go gallivanting off to see him whenever I choose. Which leads to an altogether rather frustrating relationship. We'll see, however. *smile*

Have a lovely day!
Tags: dragon, fathermaster, kink, links, sex toys, squee, vibrators

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