mesix (mesix) wrote,

Regarding the Librarians of the Colette-Ashbee collection

I...words...I'm sorry, gah, *what*

*takes a deep breath*

Okay. So. There is this blog that BestFriend linked me to, called Erotiterrorist (Warning, link NSFW, also TITS). It's by a guy who writes dirty stories. He posts about the stories, and more importantly, he posts the stories themselves.

I have been following him for a couple weeks, enjoying immensely the stories. "Alright" sez I. "It's time to get serious. To the beginning of the blog!

And the beginning of the blog is quite boring to the layman. He talks about his process, and about the news, and about occasional other things. I find humanity fascinating, so I was quite alright with continuing to read, but it certainly wasn't the amazing erotic thrill I was anticipating.

And then I get to The Librarians of the Colette-Ashbee Collection.

If I had to custom order an erotic story for myself, this very well may have been it. It is incredible.

Oh dear lords, it is incredible.

It's also 47 pages long, according to the word file I saved it in, but I salivated over every word. Shon Richards, you are my new hero. I need a smoke.
Tags: bestfriend, erotica, erotiterrorist, internet, links, shon, writtenporn

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