mesix (mesix) wrote,

Well then...

So, I tried out Chatroulette for the first time the other night.

I did it for the "lols" as the internet says, and, while it didn't deliver all that much of them, it also delivered a little bit of something else.


Now, see, I don't think of myself as a huge exhibitionist. I mean, FatherMaster and I have gotten into naughty things in hotel hallways, and ShibariBoy has given me the oh-so-delicious gift of covert bondage, but none of that is really *exhibition*. The clothes stay on, and I keep myself hidden away. Should anyone wander by, we become the picture of innocence. Should anyone ask, I'm just wearing the clothes you see, nothing hidden.

But for Chatroulette...

Start with the camera aimed at my tits --they're not gonna get my face, not if they're also going to get anything even slightly more risque of me. And for a bit it was me with a shirt, and then a boy offered me a trade. A shot of him stroking his hard cock in exchange for the removal of said shirt. His shot was brief, but effective. One pretty pink bra: delivered.

And that was all for that night. But I worry, because when I slid a hand so gently between my legs, I was wetter than I've been in a month. And I really don't think of myself as your typical camwhore --I don't take pouty pictures or close ups of my breasts for the chans or strangers. Among other things, screencaps are too easy to take, and I sure as hell don't want that on my resume. But the idea of showing myself, no face, no name, no identity, to someone I knew just as little about?

While he stroked himself in my honour which, let's be honest, is such a phenomenal turn-on as to be ridiculous?

Oh yeah. It was good. It was incredibly good, and I'm getting all squirmy just thinking about it. I dunno. I'm still not a camgirl, and one of these days I might just run into someone I know. But in the meantime...maybe if I've got a quiet room, I can try indulging myself again sometime.
Tags: exhibitionism, fathermaster, kink, masturbation, shibariboy, sites

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