mesix (mesix) wrote,

Some bitches just need to be slapped

(Meta-note: I have been writing, quite a bit, although very little of it has been story, and I haven't had sex in a right age, unfortunately, so I've got nothing useful there. At any rate, I figure I'm going to make a handful of little short posts, since that's how I've been thinking lately --little three or four paragraph short posts.)

I am physically attracted to girls, much moreso than boys.

This means that when I look for porn, I look at places like GoodShit and Domai, where the soft attractive feminine form is ruler, and when I'm staring at eye candy in a crowd, the xx chromosomes catch me far quicker than the xy.

I'm pretty generous with my attraction. I will always melt for a good smile, or a lovely pair of eyes, or hair that tumbles to the waist. Like Shon, I believe glasses to always be a plus. I like a lot of different body types, and a lot of different forms of woman. Most of them, I don't wander into fantasy, but for the ones I do...well...

The girls who warrant fantasizing generally fall into two immediate categories. The first is the traditionally pretty, sweet-faced girls with generous smiles and open eyes. Charlie from Heroes fits this to an absolute t. Really, any strawberry blonde with lots of freckles is pretty likely to catch my attention here. The second category is any girl who I recognize as the type of shit who made fun of me in school.

The dark fantasies in my mind love the perfectly made up popular girls. I want to fuck the entire cheerleading squad, more then that. I want to take the head cheerleader and make her into my slut, be the sort of harsh mistress who rules by fear more than love, and has a harem of similar toys, to be used and abused. In my fantasies, the girls love it of course, they throw themselves to their knees to please me, let my hands pound on their perfect pert asses, or slap at their luscious breasts.

I'm sure some of it is an unhealthy bitterness, residual from years of being an outsider and a geek. I'm sure some of my lust for domination is a lust for revenge. But the rest of it? Let's be honest here --when dealing with the popular girls who are meant to be my peers, I have always felt more the stereotypically dorky *male*.

And what dorky male hasn't wanted the queen bee to throw herself at his feet, because he's just that good?
Tags: domination, fantasies, girls, meta, shon, sluts

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