mesix (mesix) wrote,

Doing it for SCIENCE!

The science museum is sexy.

No really. Perhaps I'm just a geek, but science is hot as hell! There is all this delicious innovation and excitement floating around, there are things to discover, and it's all about breaking down the machines and rules I deal with every day in order to learn how they work, piece by little piece.

That, and some of the exhibits are just terrific. When I take over the world, I will have to steal a science museum for my own benefits. The little vibration machine, running from 20 to 2000 hz? Oh yes, we'll have one of those. The big ol' plasma tube, where if someone puts their hand on it, then runs their fingers just by your arm? Oh, gloriously yes! (Thanks ShibariBoy, for getting me all hooked on electricity in the first place. Bastard!)

And more importantly than all that, the passion and excitement and wonder about it all! I should've brought a notebook for my Magic Pleasures Shop stories, I could've found kinky uses for all manner of the exhibits there! It's a perverted little heaven, if you just look at it all in the right manner. And I *do* look at such in the right manner, believe me.

I am a bad, bad girl. But a pretty damn awesome scientist.

Ever since going to the science museum on Sunday, my mind has been filled with whispers of ideas of things I *want* from ShibariBoy.

See, ShibariBoy likes electricity, an awful lot. He has a pretty little tens machine, and the last time we were together, there was some (very g-rated) fiddling around with it. It was plenty fun and not particularly painful.

Except for one lovely moment when a friend of his attached the electrode to a wartenburg wheel, and was running it along her and his arms. I'd never played with a wheel before, I requested, even upon warning that the sensation was a bit more painful than anything ShibariBoy and I had done with the machine.

It was indeed. Each little pinprick burned into my skin, and *oh* was it good. It hurt like the dickens then, but just now I find myself craving it rather desperately. Such a lovely little sort of pain.

On Sunday, there was the plasma ball, and I learned you can get a similar, although not as strong, sensation. One person places his hand on the ball, you stick out your arm, and he runs his fingers not-quite-touching over your arm. The electricity hums against your skin in a most delightful way.

I want ShibariBoy to visit more than anything, because I do so desperately want to be tied down and up. But at the moment, even more than that, I need a little shock treatment.
Tags: electricity, pain, science, shibariboy, storiestrue, vibrators

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