mesix (mesix) wrote,

How did my night go...

I slipped into the bathroom with my tiny bullet vibe --tonight was not a night for the subtle sweetness of the Liv. Tonight was meant to be hard, dirty, and fast. It's a whore night, and I was ready for the role.

I sat down on the closed toilet, and pressed the vibe against my clit, rocking intensely at the sensation. As I began to hum, I felt fantasy begin, and all of a sudden, some sort of unimaginably cruel dom was there, having strolled straight out of the melding of Shon's stories and my dirty mind.

"Hello there." he said, and pushed me to the floor. One hand, which had been so busy pressing against my cunt, found its fingers thrusting down my throat, mimicking the cock I wished were there. I sank to the floor, my skirt askew, and looked to my phantom dom for further instruction.

"Your underwear" he hissed. "Now." I removed them, and was rewarded by my pulling my tits out of my bra and top, and pinching cruelly at the nipples. They were already tender, it hurt dearly, but the wicked smile of a man who never was kept me going.

I was forced onto my back, and the fingers I had so eagerly sucked now began to fuck. The bullet still pressed against me, I slammed my hand into myself, over and over, arcing my hips to meet the sensations I so desperately craved. I shuddered and spasmed and came, my back pressed hard into cold tile.

He started to fade as I returned to myself, but not before I popped the vibe into my mouth to suck it clean. As I slunk out of the bathroom again, I couldn't help feeling a loneliness. At least I knew it would not be so difficult to summon my dream dom again...
Tags: breasts, fantasies, masturbation, shon, storiestrue, vibrators

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