mesix (mesix) wrote,

Note to self: When I get a car, I am also getting a damn good stereo...

I think I just metasexualed my way into giving myself an musically based orgasm in the car on the way home from dance.

See, on the way *to* dance, I noticed how much I was enjoying the bass --it's one of those "better than sex" feelings, right in my chest, at my self-spot, where all my pain centers. So I decided to investigate, and see if I could manage to turn the bass up and turn the volume down a bit --protect my poor ears, after all. This improved things, so I went and danced in a merry mood.

It should be noted that I had an orgasm yesterday, and an orgasm the day before and am about to get *just* two or three orgasms I suppose, so I'm basically putting my body into horny-mode. But dancing was nothing special, and mostly I just wanted to get home and write.

In the car, I have the volume up to ear-shattering levels, like you do when you still think you're nineteen and immortal and get to drive alone. I was *definitely* enjoying the bass of the music, because it makes me feel really good. A song comes on, with a pretty good orchestration --strong bass, and the whole car just vibrating from the arc of the violin. It's wonderful, amazing, incredible, the sort of thing that is everything music *should* be.

Now, one of my favourite concepts in the world is the idea of a girl who has synesthesia linking hearing and touch --she "feels" music. I even wrote a short piece for her, describing how while most girls look for the perfect guy, she just wants the perfect song. I was just thinking about that, as I enjoyed the rhythm and the melody, when I realized something incredibly important.

I was wet. Wet and getting *wetter*, my pussy reacting to the movement of the song, as it made my body tremble. And as the song continued, building intensity, so did the warmth inside me, and all of a sudden, I was horny, I was ready, and this song was making me cum.

I mean, not quite then. But it was certainly making me shake, as I tried to deal with the sensation. I was squirming in my seat, probably quite noticeable to anyone driving by me --thankfully, I was mostly alone on the road, so I didn't much have to worry. Not that I would --I was so busy giving myself to the song, riding it out.

I had sex with a song. I don't think that's a claim many people would be willing to make.

At one point, I had a mini-climax, the kind of little gasping sensation that is just building to something bigger, and better. The song ran out, and I found myself breathing heavily, moaning louder than I ever have before --I am normally quite a quiet person. But the noise wanted noise and so I provided, increasingly loud gasps and whimpers.

The next song was just as good, even thumpier if not as well orchastrated, and as I pulled up to a red light, I found myself pulling up my skirt and pushing aside my panties. My hand remained between my thighs for the rest of the mile or so it took to get to home, and as I drove on a backroad next to a cemetary --thankfully no other cars behind or before me-- I found myself truly climaxing, my pussy squeezing tight around my questing fingers. I came to a full stop in the middle of the road, thanking all the gods I follow that the late hour meant empty streets.

I am now a little bit afraid to get back into that car. But oh holy shit. Whatever twist of mental fate let me pretend, I thank it. Really seriously guys --there are few things as awesome as aural sex.

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