mesix (mesix) wrote,

Meandering thoughts on Omegle

I have a confession to make.

I have a *huge* soft spot for Omegle. Something about the random stranger nature of it appeals to me. That, and there are usually people willing to cyberfuck, whenever I log on.

...unfortunately, they don't seem to be any *good* at cyberfucking. I've yet to ever have a worthwhile example, and hell man, I've created a whole spare e-mail just in case. But thus far, all my searching has been in vain --the people who are willing to actually put their lust into words (and not just beg for a pic or my msn) tend to lack grammar and in all honesty, are just plain *boring*. I want something more in my life!

(That is, I suppose, the appeal. I know one day I'll find my perfect cybersex pal, and when I do...oh, heaven awaits! In the meantime though, I'll take what I can get. Ugh.)

That being said, I have gotten to do some interesting searches in pursuit of alleviating boredom. Like the one guy who, when we pic swapped (don't worry dear readers, I substituted a cropped picture of some other beautiful girl) took an awful long time to come back with a picture that took me maybe five minutes on google to discover was of a gay porn star. Yeah. That's classy.

Or just now when I raised my eyebrow in skepticism at a boy's claim he was nine and a half inches. Google remains my friend --according to this page, I'm talking to a member of less than .1 percent of the population! I should be so fucking lucky, right!

(Of course in reality, a nine inch dick would be sent *straight* away, thankyouverymuch. I am a small woman, and I'd have to *really* like the boy to even think about it.)

At any rate, speaking of Mr. nine-and-a-half, at least I can't complain of his enthusiasm. Better get back to that. Oh what's that? You didn't think people could write livejournal entries during good cybersex?

Yeah, I don't think so either.
Tags: cybersex, google is my friend, omegle, size queen

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