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Let me sort your books!

So, I've had fantasies (oft termed as daydreams) since I was very young indeed, many of which I have long since forgotten as my world twisted around and changed, and the boys who were oh-so-important then, become less so now.

Many of them are kinky --early me had a total thing for being watched, for being an exhibitionist, and most of all for being a naive young woman taken advantage of by the clever and evil gentleman. Very scandalous, I'm sure!

Now, like I said, many of these are long since forgotten. Occasionally I'll recall the rough shape of one, and see if my modern self still fits into it, a new twist on an old fantasy. And every once in a very great while, well, the world will twist *just* so, and all a sudden, there I am standing inside something I hadn't thought about in many years, yet decisively living a daydream.

Case in point, ShibariBoy just move into a new place, and is frantically trying to get ready for a convention. I asked if there were anything I could do to help in the couple of days before I visited, and he offered me the job of sorting out his library. Which pulled me straight back into ninth grade, when I had the elaborate daydreamed situation of how I would be the live-in librarian for a very rich young gentleman --who happened of course to be the current object of my affections. Hijinks (and true love!) followed of course.

I...I think I could be okay with being a slutty librarian for him! And it certainly is interesting to realize just where parts of that particularly thorough (and indeed, it is *rather* pervasive in my world) fetish came from --I've been a bibliophile for years, but the active librarian bit is a little different from what I'm used to.

Now, I seem to recall a fanfiction in which Hermione and Severus had sex on a charmed (to stay clean, of course!) stack of books. Let's see if that's at all doable anytime soon, hm?
Tags: bibliophilia, shibariboy

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