mesix (mesix) wrote,

Always fun to sit next to your nice sweet quiet roommate and pass around vibrators

Today at my college, we had a sex toy party. It was about fifty college students packed into a room, while these two thirtiesish women showed us a nice array of assorted products, mostly in the hopes that we'd buy a few.

Now, I have a perfectly wonderful magic bullet vibrator that FatherMaster bought for me before I went home for the summer, and I like it quite a bit --I get sexed up often enough by other people that I don't really need to do anything on my own, and when I do, my two hands work just fine. But's nice to occasionally have a bit of a boost.

The vibrator I own is a mini bullet vibe, that runs off what appear to be three watch batteries. One speed, nothing fancy, and quite nice. But sometimes, I think I would rather like, oh, something a little bit...more.

Like a vibrator I could plug into my ipod. (BelovedDude is aurally oriented as well, so that could be good fun for the whole family!) Or vibrating nipple clamps.

Alas, I am poor. Sigh.
Tags: beloveddude, fathermaster, me, sex positive, sex toys

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