March 20th, 2010

xkcd sex

Friendship is always platonic

FriendPup is my best friend at college, and is a different person from BestFriend, who is my best friend at...everywhere.

While BestFriend and I will have conversations about sex and kink, they're all straight-up gossip, or advice. We trade porn blogs, and tricks and tips. Some of our stories are bragging --"guess what my sir did!". Sometimes we swap dreams --she wants to be a stripper, I want to be a pro dom. We know each other's scores on the purity test, and every single sexual conversation we have is marked by the fact that it's purely platonic.

FriendPup and I have many of the same conversations. We gossip about my boyfriends and her girlfriend, and what we've done and like to do. Sometimes we swap marks, left on our bodies by overzealous lovers. But there's a big difference between the conversations I have with FriendPup and the ones I have with BestFriend.

Namely, when FriendPup tells me her exploits, it's not platonic. Oh, don't get me wrong, we're not at all interested in each other, and she's mono and taken. We're just friends, and it's an awesome way to be --too awesome to try and change. But when FriendPup and The Lesbian and I get together, it's a wonderful wonderful experience.

They'll lean over and whisper in my ear "guess what we did last night." They show be text messages hot enough to almost make me whimper. On a couple memorable occasions, I've gotten to watch them kiss on the subway, watch The Lesbian nip at Pup's ear, and the way FriendPup just melts.

I've watched them turn each other on, and oh, does it make my little voyeuristic heart happy. I'm probably never going to watch them have sex (and a part of me is appalled at the very concept) but I've seen enough. Their gasps and subtle moans and whimpers meant for me alone are, in a word, beautiful.

FriendPup's just a tease, I suppose. Part of me feels it ought to be concerned that hanging out with friends makes me want to go home and masturbate. But the rest of me? Just can't wait to hear what dildo they're buying next, or how many times The Lesbian came.

What can I say, I love my friends.
Touch Everyone

A spring fantasy

The weather is spring, and therefore glorious.

As I walk alongside a road, wandering my world, I spot a bicyclist shooting past. She's wearing an opaque tank top, over which is a sheer shirt with pretty designs. As I glance at her back, the wind pulls up the back of her shirt, revealing a strip of back --where a tramp stamp would be. It's not a lot of skin, and the shirt fixes itself momentarily, but I feel a thrill shoot down my back at the sight.

I've long since known I'm a voyeur, and do so enjoy watching other people go at it. But I like admiring people too, and every once in a while, I let a stranger pull me into fantasies of things that will absolutely never happen, because in all likelihood, I never *will* see this person again. In bike-girl's case, that little strip of skin becomes a promise of so very much more -like a gift from the wind to me.

And so all of a sudden, there I am, with my hands on her hips, grinding into her. That strip of skin has morphed into hips and a back, and it's just so perfectly fuckable that I have to plunge myself into her --strap-on, real cock, whatever. My fantasies aren't picky.

I grab her hair in my hand, and pull her back against me. She'll yelp and squirm but press her ass back into me, grinding hard as she lets me fuck her. Little gasps escape her mouth, and just for an experiment, I slap her ass. A low moan invites me to repeat the motion, again and again, turning her ass pink and red with the force of my beating. I sink down over her back, and bite her ear, causing her to whimper and want.

I blink, and the fantasy's gone. But as I continue walking down my path, in the warm summer air, I can't help but feel a smile slink its way across my face.

Look twice at that girl from your school...

I love writing porn on the quad.

I mean, let's be honest here and drop the last three words of that sentence. I love writing porn, and I love reading porn, and I should probably go ahead and admit that I just really fucking love porn. But you all knew that already.

But I just adore sitting in the sunshine, within sight of several dozen other college students, and typing away at my laptop. Scrawling down words that would cause half of them to blush -and the other half to beg for more! It's a delightful sort of secret.

Part of it's the exhibitionism of it all. When I write porn, I start to squirm, to smile, to feel nice and warm in my secret places. Part of me worries that my arousal will be evident to the people around me... and part of me worries that it won't be! It's a relatively safe way to display myself, to be out there in such a delightful wicked manner.

Most importantly, it's given me a new appreciation for the rest of the world. I know not everyone has as dirty a mind as I do. But when I see another pretty girl on her laptop, well... can I help it if that causes good dreams?
xkcd sex

Sexy sexy books

About an hour ago, I managed to come to a fantastic little orgasm, the fingers of one hand pumping at my clit while the other plunged into me.

This is hardly novel. Except for location.

Second floor of the school library. Across from the books on pornography, homosexuality, transfolk, and masturbation.

My brain keeps going "I can't believe I just did that!" and every time it does, I break out in the *biggest* smile. Oh, I am a *happy* mesix right now.