July 16th, 2010

xkcd sex

The joy of tumbling

So, I am slowly beginning to see the appeal of this "tumblr" thing.

It started with Good Shit. Erosblog linked, I followed, and I determined that it was *well* worth spending a few minutes a day there, admiring what pretties he had to unload. It was added to my growing collection of porn blogs that I read on a daily (or semi-daily) basis --one of the first picture based, rather than word-based things to do so (Besides ErosBlog, of course, which really was my original sex blog, and I'm very fond of it).

After a while, I came to realize that the wonderful Erotiterrorist himself had a tumblr. Shon Richards, whose tastes have come to somewhat influence my own, posting all the pretty pictures he finds in the world. I was willing to wander in and watch, and after a few goes of this, I found I had started to follow. Goddamnit Shon. You have far more sway over me than a simple porn writer ought to.

And then the other night, it happens! Bacchus linked to another tumblr he enjoyed, and, well, I really had to go poke around. For science, you know? Before I knew it, I had looked at all 49 pages of posts on Erectus, and squirreled away more than a few favourites --you know, for future browsing?

It made me wonder a bit though. Perhaps it's time for me to get in on this tumblr craze, finally. I do see a lot of pictures in the world --perhaps I ought to share them, or at least have a place where I can find all my favourites again. After all, the whole point of this identity is being able to splatter my shameful secrets across the web without ever reassociating with myself. You can learn an awful lot about a girl by knowing what she finds sexy after all.

In the meantime though...well, I've already got this blog that I neglect plenty. Who needs another?