mesix (mesix) wrote,

Happy Poly Moments

Happy Poly Moment of the night:

I was curled up with ComplicatedBoy and ComplicatedGirl, at first just cuddling, and being friendly. But as is wont to happen when everyone involved is somewhat attracted to everyone else, we began to get a little more friendly with our touches and caressing.

At one point, ComplicatedGirl bursts out laughing at me. At first, she refuses to say why, but I insist.

She just looks straight at me, and says one word: "Unicorn!"

Our giggles were only intensified by the fact that poor ComplicatedBoy had no idea what we were going on about.
Tags: complicatedboy, complicatedgirl, happy-poly-moments, hbb, i-am-a-unicorn, sex positive, threesomes

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