mesix (mesix) wrote,

Ain't no lovin' like self-lovin'

Who would've thought that all it took for me to have a day of just mind-shatteringly good sex was for all my significant others to be inaccessible. BelovedBoy is out of town, and BelovedDude has not been online and FatherMaster is busy and ComplicatedBoy and I aren't having sex anymore*. ExEx and I were never sexual, and Regret is being monoamorous for his girlfriend, which is quite sweet of him.

Leaving me, in an unusual turn of fate, quite on my own this weekend.

Add to the mix the fact that two of my three roommates are away, and a sexually open lesbian friend of mine is lending me "The Whole Lesbian Sex Book" --sex positive, masturbation positive, and just enough anecdotes to be incredibly hot.

So I sit there. Alone. The third roommate has gone out for food, leaving little old me without anything to distract myself with but the entirety of the internet (Vintage Seduction, anyone?) and my trusty little mini bullet vibe.

And a terribly smug grin.

I denote a silky smooth skirt to be my sacrifice to the gods of mess, and let myself get to work...ah glorious. Fabric and fingers sliding against me, my vibrator hard at is a beautiful mess.

I managed to cum twice before the roommate came home, and then again in the shower I originally took to clean myself up. Four is waiting for her to go back out to dinner.

It's a glorious sort of nice.

*Which is a shame, because physically, he's quite good. But mentally, he was simply Not Right, and the complete wrongness of the situation was causing my head to jibber. We kiss and sleep entwined in each others arms every other week or so, which is quite nice for me, and not at all for him. He is mature enough to deal, however.
Tags: books, links, masturbation, sex positive, sextoys, storiestrue

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