mesix (mesix) wrote,

Sex Toys

Ah, tonight has been a productive evening, yes.

Spurred on by a particular post in the always delightful, I have spent nearly the entirety of the last hour looking up sex toys on the internet.

In addition to the vibrating nipple clamps briefly mentioned in this entry, and the Feeldoe BelovedDude and I intend to get, I've *quite* solidly added something to my wish list:

The LELO Liv.

It comes in *green!* Oh be still, my fluttering heart!

((For what it's worth, that bright orange Sinnflut Phantasy described by ErosBlog looks just *amazing* as well. But if I'm going to drop a hundred dollars on a sex toy, well...FatherMaster has let me play with his little pink Liv before. It is *quite* a toy.))
Tags: beloveddude, erosblog, fathermaster, sex toys

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