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So, I've finally decided on/come up with/detremined/learned, whatever a word for describing my specific fetish. Or at least, my favourite fetish anyways.

Metasexuality. If someone else is turned on, it turns me on. If someone has a kink, and they write about it, explaining just why it is that such a strange and wonderful thing makes them all hot and bothered, man, for just a temporary moment, that fetish is the most intense, the sexiest in the world The world is funny and people are strange, there are so many absolutely bizzarre ways to be turned on, and I like to hear about all of 'em!

Maybe it's a biblophilia thing --I've always known that words are the fastest way to cream my panties nice and wet. Write me some delicate and delicious porn, and you'll have me wrapped around your finger, beegging at your feet. (This is one of the reasons why FatherMaster has such a hold over me)... I absolutely love words, and essays, and stories and cybering and any sort of textual way of explaining the hows and whys of just the sort of sex we enjoy.

Maybe it's an enthusiasm thing. I love it when people are enthusiastic about just about anything- geek is sexy, after all. Geek is *really* sexy. If people are getting enthusiastic about something in front of me, real, genuine passion, it doesn't matter who it is or what they're excited over. I'm turned on.

And that's why I'm metasexual. Because when other people are passionate, getting really into it, it just rubs off. That kind of passion is amazing to witness, so pure and total and complete. I want to be able to have that passion for things, I want *everyone* to be able to have that sort of passion, for something. If you have that passion for sex, well, why not. Good for you!

And so, I don't think I'd ever *really* like to be pissed on. My ass is an out hole, thankyouverymuch. Uniforms aren't any sexier than the rest of things people wear, and tentacles are something that ought to stay in my sushi, not my porn.

But *man* is it hot to read about those things when wrritten by the people who care about them.
Tags: biblophilia, essays, fathermaster, fetish, kink, metasexuality

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