mesix (mesix) wrote,

I am the shittiest blogger ever

I would love to make a proper post, about what's going on in my life. Most importantly, I feel it's time to put my writing muscles to the test, and see what there is to say about Dragon, who is kinky, and switchy, and gorgeous and new, and visiting me tomorrow.

Plus, I keep reading The Over-Educated Nympho for hours at a time, and damn! There is something about good writing that just makes me want to write as well.

Unfortunately, I've got a date tonight with the Gentleman (unfortunate? Who am I kidding! We have progressed to the naked stage, and so dates are wonderous fun things!) and before that, I have to take a midterm, shower, wash my hair, shave, clean my room, do more cleaning of my room, and write a paper. Maybe if I'm really lucky, I'll remember to eat.

So stories will have to come (tee-hee) later. Sigh, being a grown-up is *so* not fun.

ETA: And this is really just a Note To Self (I'm not a good blogger yet, I can do that) but I really ought to write about the ShibariBoy, who has been teasing me most cleverly. I keep making the mistake of thinking he's merely a friend I can talk shop with, and then he'll surprise me by not only expressing an interest, but by doing so in such a way that makes me squirm. Bastard.
Tags: dragon, gentleman, life, links, nosex, vyx

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