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Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god you guys!

I have flights to and from the city in which ShibariBoy lives!

I'll be gone the seventh to the fifteenth of June, and hopefully my 750words account will not suffer *too* dearly from then. Here, at least, should be provided with plenty of incentive to write, and inspiration too!

I am so fucking excited!! I have no idea what's going to happen, what we're going to do. I recognize the ridiculosity of me visiting him two weeks before we're gonna see each other anyways, at the con we met at. I know full well that BestFriend is going to kill me, for barely spending any time at the place I grew up, and mom too.

But I don't care. 'Cause in seventeen days time...I'll be leaving on a jetplane and going to go have a just fucking *awesome* adventure.

Possibly literally.

xkcd sex

Proving myself right

So, the other day on 750words, I mentioned to myself that perhaps it was a bad thing that I wasn't trying to blog my output. After all, sexy things are happening! I got tied to a flagpole on the roof of my school building and given a hand job! I have turned into an electrowhore, and have the further adventures at the science museum to prove it! I watched bike porn!!

The real point of my thought, however, was a matter of practicality. I wanted to be posting my daily output, simply so that I could adequetely tag my output. Then, when I wanted to look back and find something again, I would have an easy way of doing so.

There's another reason as well, that is becoming painfully evident the longer I faff about on this library computer. 750words does not play nice with Internet Explorer, which was all that I can access right now. This means that, the convinient archive of all my writing to use? Not so convinient after all. I really really want my dear sweet laptop to use --she's got the story I want to work on all cued up in a separate file, just begging for more. I do so love it when the stories beg for more, don't you?

And of course I *could* just walk home and use my computer there (after I get the school book I need, of course), but GingerRoomie and BralessHippie are having a study session together. I love them both, but, well...erotica does not like company. Erotica likes privacy, solitude...a place to wank, let's be honest here.

And if you think I can't wank in the school library? Oh, you are so wrong. And the memory alone was enough to turn me on to near desperate levels, just walking in.

So yes, take this as the hope for more posts. Toodles!
xkcd sex

Luck be a Lady tonight...

(Meta-note: I have been using a just wonderful website called 750words. It encourages me to write at least 750words a day, and so I have, for both Mesix and for my "real" identity. That's the site alluded to in the first few paragraphs.)

My normal self does not particularly have a ritual or routine to writing over here.

It's really just "okay, sure, time to write, let's do it." Which is great, and fine, as long as I do remember to do it at some point --She nearly forgot today. But when it comes down to the actual ritual of writing, there is nothing specific to be done but just write.

Mesix is a little different. See, at the very least, she requires certain moods in order to write. So, when writing my 750words, I tend to start by reading. ErosBlog, Erotiterrorist, Lily...whoever's posting, and whatever's good. Some days, I'll sift through the images on GoodShit, looking for that flush of inspiration (read: horniness). Some days I'll stop by Domai, to be knocked flat by the attractive girl of the day. But, unless it's been a very good day indeed, I need *something* to push myself into the proper Mesix mindset.

And then, when it comes to actually sitting down and getting the words done, I have a little bit of a ritual. A pre-writing exercise if you will. When I am ready to write, I start by opening YouTube in another window.

And watching Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" video.

Oh sure, some nights I just listen to it, letting the hypersexual bouncypop wash over me in generous waves. Lady GaGa is an awesome soundtrack --she is enthusiastic and rhythmic and fun. Her music does not depress me, which is crucial to me being a good pornista.

And the music video for Bad Romance is sexy as hell. True, it doesn't necessarily always get my girly parts working, but there's a lot of absolute good in it. I enjoy watching the GaGa drop to her knees and crawl towards the man who wants to buy her. I like the way her eyes look out from her metal mask as she is posed among the diamonds. There is an appeal in the big eyed bathtub beauty being stripped, and the naked woman in the shower swaying her hips from side to side.

And then there's the dancing. And nowhere is that more interesting and powerful than the red lace outfit, who writhes on the floor, gyrating perfectly to the rhythm of the song, with a dozen background dancers doing exactly the same.

How often is rhythm alluded to in sex? A perfect rhythm, gradually increasing speed, of his thrusts inside her, his balls slapping in time against her ass. Rhythm is crucial, and as GaGa howls "I don't wanna be friends", her and her dancers make each movement in perfect synchrony. It's precise, and right on the beat, and sexy as hell. Too easy to imagine the bounce of the hips as they dance as an entirely different bounce, too easy and too fun!

I have the best sort of crush on GaGa, really. It's the kind where I can't decide whether I want to fuck her, or be her. Realistically, I know I don't want the second, but there's an appeal into becoming the next Fame Monster. As for the former, well... we all know the rumors. I'd love to find out which bits are true!