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About an hour ago, I managed to come to a fantastic little orgasm, the fingers of one hand pumping at my clit while the other plunged into me.

This is hardly novel. Except for location.

Second floor of the school library. Across from the books on pornography, homosexuality, transfolk, and masturbation.

My brain keeps going "I can't believe I just did that!" and every time it does, I break out in the *biggest* smile. Oh, I am a *happy* mesix right now.
Like me anyways

I seem to have forgotten which half of the phrase "Ethical Slut" to focus on...

I may have ruined myself.

Does that sound as emo as I'm afraid it does? I'm quite sorry. But it is a reasonably true statement --I did something that has potentially ruined my sexually based self. I am unclear as to whether this was a bad thing or not.

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The Too Long; Didn't Read version: ComplicatedBoy and I had non-intercourse sex.

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And hopefully, I'll be able to stabilize. Sex is fun and pleasure is good for you? I'd like to feel that way. But I've got a hardassed feminist asexual fifteen year old lurking in the back of my brain. And she does not agree.

I'm not ruined for sex. I still feel horny, and BelovedBoy and I made love on Saturday night. But I think that now is the time for me to be dually monosexual for a time --be with my boyfriend, be with my girlfriend. No one else.

We'll see how well this works.

((EDIT: ComplicatedBoy and I enjoyed a few months of passion, then, at my request, we downgraded to a purely romantic relationship. ComplicatedGirl threatened to kill me if I hurt him, and BelovedBoy was fine, and more worried about me than anything else.))
Like me anyways

An introduction

Welcome to Mesix, a bastardization of "The state of me: sex" I am your humble narrator, and I am going to try and keep this journal both in order to keep track of my own sexual exploits, and to hopefully better my ability at writing erotic literature or stories.

I believe introductions are in order.

Me: I am nineteen years old, and don't particularly believe in limiting my attraction to one person or one gender. I love, as they say, everyone. I am female by birth, and consider myself reasonably gender neutral when it comes to the world, though I am sexually primarily female. I have no interest in changing my physical sex, and only a passing interest in drag.

I spent most of the first sixteen years of my life convinced that sex was not something to ever do with other people until you are married. With the help of a few lovely people and my own sexual awakening, I began to realize that perhaps this whole sex thing was not so bad after all.

I am still technically a virgin, and intend to stay that way for some time. (I'm sure I'll post more about why later.) I do use the term sex, however, generally to refer to any activity where (hopefully) both partners eventually reach climax. I'm mostly vanilla, with a blooming interest in dom/sub or master/slave relationships --I am a sub leaning switch. And I do so like biting.

I have been firmly interested and supportive of the idea of masturbation since a very young age, and have been bringing myself pleasure for as long as I can remember --at least since I was six or seven years old. While I still do masturbate from time to time, I have found that I prefer it less than having someone else bring me to climax. I am, of late, quite a firm believer in porn, especially of the textual or comic form, and have occasionally attempted to write some myself.

I go to college (local) about five hundred miles away from where I was brought up (back home). In the interest of anonymity, I will try to avoid naming either place, though certain things in my writings may become hints.

I do hope you enjoy reading. Thank you, and have a lovely day.