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Lovely green!

So, FatherMaster handed me a link. To this.

Is that the vibrator I want, in the colour I want, for forty dollars cheaper? I do believe it is! AND FatherMaster offered to pay half, for a Giftmas present. Ee!

I have already ordered it. And talking to Dragon on the phone, he says sweetly "you should get it so I can use it on you". Oh my...

Of course, Dragon has all sorts of plans to use on me, and me on him. He plans on investing in candle wax and ice cubes before the next visit. I have a package of clothespins sitting on my desk. Vibrators, yarn, belts, ben-wa balls...ohhhhyes. All manner of excellence, there is.

Of course, he's far enough away that I can't go gallivanting off to see him whenever I choose. Which leads to an altogether rather frustrating relationship. We'll see, however. *smile*

Have a lovely day!
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Sex Toys

Ah, tonight has been a productive evening, yes.

Spurred on by a particular post in the always delightful Erosblog.com, I have spent nearly the entirety of the last hour looking up sex toys on the internet.

In addition to the vibrating nipple clamps briefly mentioned in this entry, and the Feeldoe BelovedDude and I intend to get, I've *quite* solidly added something to my wish list:

The LELO Liv.

It comes in *green!* Oh be still, my fluttering heart!

((For what it's worth, that bright orange Sinnflut Phantasy described by ErosBlog looks just *amazing* as well. But if I'm going to drop a hundred dollars on a sex toy, well...FatherMaster has let me play with his little pink Liv before. It is *quite* a toy.))

Always fun to sit next to your nice sweet quiet roommate and pass around vibrators

Today at my college, we had a sex toy party. It was about fifty college students packed into a room, while these two thirtiesish women showed us a nice array of assorted products, mostly in the hopes that we'd buy a few.

Now, I have a perfectly wonderful magic bullet vibrator that FatherMaster bought for me before I went home for the summer, and I like it quite a bit --I get sexed up often enough by other people that I don't really need to do anything on my own, and when I do, my two hands work just fine. But still...it's nice to occasionally have a bit of a boost.

The vibrator I own is a mini bullet vibe, that runs off what appear to be three watch batteries. One speed, nothing fancy, and quite nice. But sometimes, I think I would rather like, oh, something a little bit...more.

Like a vibrator I could plug into my ipod. (BelovedDude is aurally oriented as well, so that could be good fun for the whole family!) Or vibrating nipple clamps.

Alas, I am poor. Sigh.